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Articles and Posts about Paste

Paste Design System Newsletter - April 2022 Edition


What's new in Paste in April 2022? i18n, dark theme, badge component updates, data visualization, and more! Continue reading

Paste's Path to a Transparent Package Categorization System

Nora Krantz
Nora Krantz

When integrating a library into a project, you’ll likely want to ensure that it’s a mature and well-maintained library that won’t be deprecated a month down the line. If your project is a customer-facing platform and the library maintains your frontend components, all the more reason to have trust. Transparency between the library and the consumer is integral to building that trust. Our previous… Continue reading

Insights & Metrics that Inform the Paste Design System(link takes you to an external page)

Shadi Isber
Shadi Isber

On Twilio's Paste design system team, we're often curious about who uses our work and how they use it. Besides being generally interesting, this information helps us track the adoption of our system, which helps clarify the business case of our work, while also informing us for our future decision making. This post will show you how we're tracking Paste's usage and how we use this data to improve... Continue reading(link takes you to an external page)

Growing Pains and How We Scaled our Design System Support(link takes you to an external page)

Aayush Iyer
Aayush Iyer

If you're building a new platform team, your customers are going to go through many changes. In the case of a design system, tools, hacks, and practices that made your team wildly successful are also the cause of long term design and technical debt. Making corrective changes to mitigate these problems with a platform can often mean taking away these... Continue reading(link takes you to an external page)

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