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Paste assistant Assistant

Design Tokens

Version 10.6.0

Paste Design System Tokens package with a number of different formats for Web, Mobile, and Sketch.

The Paste design tokens are available as a NPM package which acts as the central source of truth for Paste. By using this package correctly, you can rely on a well-maintained, up-to-date definition of Twilio's Design Language. A simple way to grab or view the latest files in this package is to visit UNPKG - @twilio-paste/design-tokens(link takes you to an external page).

Supported Formats

Supported Formats page anchor

Paste Design Tokens are supported in the following formats within this package:

Paste supports multiple themes. This is done by exporting the same token formats for each theme. Each file in the root of the design tokens package is exported for each theme with the corresponding values updated for each token. This allows different parts of Twilio to have their own visual styles whilst still maintaining a consistent Twilio feel, coherent component behavior, and preventing Design System bloat.

See our list of Tokens and their corresponding values in the Token List page.

Within themes, we presently have support for:

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