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Paste assistant Assistant

Twilio Paste Intellisense

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Twilio Paste Intellisense extends the development experience of Twilio Paste by giving Visual Studio Code users additional functionality.


About page anchor

The transition coming from writing CSS to using design tokens can feel tedious at first. This is because before we can use a token, we don't know which ones we can use and what their values are. For example, if we want to use a margin and the available options are space10 - space100 tokens, how do we know which ones translate to 20px to match the designs? This is where Twilio Paste Intellisense comes into play!

It has two features:

  • Hover preview: Check the value of the token by hovering over it;
  • Autocomplete: Use a dropdown menu with the name and value of the token when we start typing the component's Paste properties.

Install via the Visual Studio Code Marketplace(link takes you to an external page)


Autocomplete page anchor

Intelligent suggestions for Twilio Paste token attributes.

the autocomplete suggestions include the token name with the value in rems and pixels

View the value and description of the Twilio Paste token property by hovering over it.

hover panel over a color token includes the rgb value of the color and a description of where the token should be used

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