Design System


Standalone tools and plugins built and supported by the Paste team.

All of these libraries are first-party; we actively support them and hope they provide you with as much value as they provide us.



SVG-to-React allows users to generate fully-formed and accessible React components from an SVG input. The ouput will work similarly to the icons provided in Paste. This library was created to allow for self-service when suggesting new Paste icons or when individual product needs differ from Paste. For more information, see our icon guidelines and our how-to docs.

Sketch Twilio Ipsum

A Sketch plugin to help populate mockups with "real" data. We believe there’s power in working with realistic and meaningful data as early as possible in the design process because:

  • Content can inform design decisions and help you convey your purpose
  • Real data can reveal edge cases in your work that would otherwise be caught during development
  • It’s fun!