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Aspect Ratio

Import from
@twilio-paste/core/aspect-ratio — or — @twilio-paste/aspect-ratio


About Aspect Ratio#

The Aspect Ratio layout component dynamically modifies the height of an element based on its current width to match a width-to-height ratio. For example, a 4:3 ratio would make an element with a width of 400px have a height of 300px. This updates in real time when you resize the screen.

Composition Notes#

Aspect Ratio must contain exactly one child element. The child element should be sized fully to the Aspect Ratio bounding box so that it resizes correctly. One way of achieving this is using an absolutely positioned Box primitive.

Be considerate of smaller devices when using this component. If necessary, you can modify the aspect ratio property at certain media query breakpoints.

When to use Aspect Ratio#

Aspect Ratio can be used to embed images and videos.

Use Aspect Ratio to make sure images and videos are scaled correctly on displays of various sizes. For example, you can use Aspect Ratio when a customer needs to see a preview of an uploaded document.

Aspect Ratio can also be used to embed components, or other HTML elements that needs to be set to a specific width-to-height ratio. A component or other HTML element use case is the need to align an HTML element with an image in two columns.

Another use case is for color swatches on a documentation site. These color swatches could be a specific height/width div that need to resize on specific devices. Aspect Ratio will allow the color swatches to resize correctly based on a ratio.


Use for an image or embedded video, and have it resize at a specific ratio.


Don’t use with fixed size (width & height) elements, as those will not adhere to the width-to-height ratio.


Use to embed a component or other HTML element.


Don’t use without any child elements, because this is only a container element.

Usage Guide#



yarn add @twilio-paste/aspect-ratio - or - yarn add @twilio-paste/core


import {AspectRatio} from '@twilio-paste/core/aspect-ratio';
import {Box} from '@twilio-paste/core/box';
const Component = () => (
<AspectRatio ratio="4:3">
<Box position="absolute" top={0} right={0} bottom={0} right={0}>


ratiostringDetermines the aspect ratio of the element. Use a colon separated number pattern (width:height). Required4:3

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