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Component Status Details

Components and their APIs are versioned adhering to Semantic Versioninglink takes you to an external page. All components are safe to use in customer-facing products regardless of “status”. Components status is a reflection of completeness, not stability.

Alpha: This component has incomplete documentation, missing Sketch or Figma symbols, has not been through DSYS committee review and has not been through UX review.

Beta: This component may not have been through DSYS committee review or UX review.

Production: The component has met all our requirements for completeness.

Combobox Primitiveproduction0.2.4
Disclosure Primitiveproduction0.3.4
Menu Primitiveproduction0.2.4
Modal Dialog Primitiveproduction0.2.2
Non Modal Dialog Primitiveproduction0.3.4
Tabs Primitiveproduction0.2.3
Tooltip Primitiveproduction0.2.4

Don't see a primitive, layout, or component you need listed here?

  • First off, we recommend checking our roadmap.
  • Secondly, we recommend creating an issue on GitHub with your component, primitive, or proposal.
  • While not all requests are accepted for the design system, we may be able to suggest suitable alternatives - for this, drop us a note on #help-design-system or join our Weekly Office hours.
  • We've also written a guide for how you can build custom components with Tokens and still benefit from Paste design updates

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